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Basement finishing

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I am finishing my basement, and I was hoping that someone can give me some material estimates based on this drawing... Or an accurate calculator.

Ceiling is around 7' 5"

Right now just wanting stud and drywall (4x8) quantities...

Some walls are already framed and finished. The staircase and the wall directly at the end of the stairs...

Here is the bathroom so far...

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One rule of thumb for framing is 1 2x4 for every foot of wall. You will have to add plate stock to that figure. There are to many dimensions missing from your drawing to even come close. YOU will need to take the time to fill in the missing and add up the footage.
I hate mentioning this, but I operate a construction estimating service. If you want, I can take a look for you. E-mail me at [email protected].
If you don't know how to estimate the material that you will put in, how will you know where to put the material? Not just studs, there is fire blocking, draft stopping, fixture backing, rod backing, headers, trimmers, casing backing (for wide trim), wallboard backing, and more.

I suggest you get a permit from your local Building Department. You forgot your bedroom windows, and basement egress.

Your first question should be: How do I cut my brick wall for bedroom windows?

Your bath ceiling needs fire stopping. Please get a permit. Be safe, G
I did not forget egress... the basement is a walkout and the basement is exposed on the west side....I already have someone in line to add the windows... they are not in my rough drawing... Just wanted to get some opionions....
Thanks I got it and replied!
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