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Basement Finishing Method

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I am looking to start finishing my basement. I live in northern NJ, and I have an interior drain system that goes around the entire perimeter of the home. The system has an open channel at the base of the wall. The channel is anywhere from 2"- 2 3/4" wide at some points. I am trying to determine what the best method of insulating and framing (ie rigid foam glued to walls?, lumber or galvanized studs?) would be, as I can't seem to find any how to video's that deal with finishing a basement with an open drain system like mine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Screw the foam boards to the foundation (1 1/2" min in cold climate). Top even with foundation top, seal with can foam. Bottom to the floor, remove as much you need for the drain system or just to go over the drain system. Seal the bottom joint. You are letting the potential wall leak drain into the drain system but sealing the cold air from coming into the living space. Don't seal the bottom of the board to the foundation, to repeat.
Next board, seal the side joint. Because I seal this way, I leave about 1/4" space between the boards. I don't use tape.
If using furring strips for the drywall, you use wire molding for the electrics and 1x base molding for strength. Glue the molding.
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