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I'm in an old 50s bungalow and want to add 6 new pot lights to an existing circuit. The circuit currently has 4 pot lights, two wall scones and two receptacle. I'm planning to take out the two wall scones since they are not tied to a light switch. In the end I'll have 10 pot lights and 2 receptacles.

10 pot lights @ 75watt each = 750watt = 6.25A
2 receptacle @ 2amp (??) each = 4A
Total 10.25amp

The one light switch will turn on all 10 lights drawing 6.25amps.

Is it safe to keep the receptacles on the same circuit or do I need to run a new circuit just for the two receptacles. Just my vaccum cleaner already draws 10amps I believe. I guess I could vacuum in the dark :)

I can also use other receptacles to vaccum with but does anyone know what other appliances that will trip the breaker if I have a continuous load of 6.25 amps?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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