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Hi there guys,

Just wanted to ask if you could possibly point me towards the right direction of a step-by-step basement construction. It's a uni project, though I really don't know where to start. Any help would be lovely.

Sorry if it's alittle blunt

Thanks :)


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I don't know what a "uni" project might be, so more information would be needed.

Basements are not what I would consider DIY projects, but.....depending on a lot of factors and design, maybe.

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1. Dig
2. Erect footing forms
3. Install footing rebar and CEE
4. Pour Concrete footers
5. Remove forms
6. Install wall forms and rebar, brace
7. Pour wall
8. Remove wall forms
9. Rough in underslab plumbing.
10. Place rock, poly and insulation on floor
11. Place floor slab reinforcement
12. Pour concrete floor, cut control joints
13. Apply waterproofing to exterior
14. Install perimeter drain system
15. Backfill

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Hi guys.

Well, it's just a site that requires the construction/report on how to 'build' a basement, which will be used for storage and a carpark. Though those point forms help Jogr, thanks! :thumbup:

I just need the know all the required steps that I would have to look into in havin a step by step, like I will follow those point forms, but I need other little things such as a stairs and ramps for wheelchair access.

So for example, just need to know which steps, for example, waterproofing or insulation or slabbing, I'd have to start first.

Thanks fellas :D
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