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basement bathtub install question------

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Hello I am adding a bathtub to my basement.
currently the cement is broken up, Iouring concrete under a shower or was going to
1. add my Y connector, and P trap
2. re pour and level the cement
3. install the bathtub.

But then I saw this video
If you skip to 5:09 you can see the guy laying down the shower with the floor still all busted up under it.

In the comments he says he adds concrete (but how is a question).
Is this install method normal for a tub or shower?
and if it is how exactly are you supposed to pour concrete after a tub or shower is in?


P.S. sorry for the strange title, somehow it posted before I wanted to, and I don't think I can edit the title.
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Every five years or so i go buy one of those pre-made showers. Come back to the job, unpack it, then pack it back up and return it.

I have Never installed one of those bases because I will not put my name on something I feel will leak.

As for your question as to pouring the concrete afterwords. Not sure the point in doing that. I set tubs in tile mastic, or the such, some guys use drywall mud. That way the tub is supported evenly.

Nowadays it is mostly about the lowest bid someone receives. It seems to me that people do not have the attention span to be educated on why something is being done a certain way. How cutting corners will cost more to fix later. The public demands cheap prices so this is what they get. Cheap products put in by people that give the lowest bid.
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I would be embarrassed to have my name on that video---

There is so much wrong ---so much---use this video as a 'how not to" and you will be better off.

1.Floor should have been poured before installation--

2. masons mortar should have been placed under pan for support

3.framing missing nailers for outside of shower walls

4 framing missing double outside studs

5.hole for shower mixer will not allow cover plate screws to engage lower mixer valve hole.

Those pans are flimsy and need to be packed with mortar or they will flex---
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