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i have an unfinished basement and i want to make just the bathroom. Is that possible?
and what is rough in plumbing? is it already done in my case (if u can tell from the pics)
and i wanted to know what each of those pipes are meant for??
and also if u can tell me how much would it cost roughly if i have someone do everything for me??

here are the pics where i think the bathroom should be


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No one here is going to be quoting any prices.
Your already roughed in.
Looks like the 3 or 4" pipe is for the toilet, 2" in the corner is for a shower, other ones for a sink.
Going to have to make some local calls to some plumbers for any pricing.
First question there going to ask is what are you going to use for a finshed floor and what style shower are you going to use.
A wall will also need to be done so there's a place to run the water lines to the shower behind an inside wall.
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