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Basement bathroom with septic system

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We've got a ranch with full basement, house is 10 years old.
Previous owner had house built.
We have a septic system - two tanks outside with typical drainage field.
In the basement is what looks like a sump pump, but it's the grinder / pump setup to pump up water and waste from plumbing under the basement floor.
This grinder / pump set up is already plumbed to a separate room in the basement set up for a future bathroom. There is a black, plastic, vertical pipe coming up from the concrete basement floor in the future bathroom for the toilet setup. It's about 2 foot higher than the floor.
It seems to be a bigger diameter than 4" although I forgot to measure it. It looks to be 5 or 6" diameter at least.
Anyway, my question is this.
In order to put a toilet and sink in this area and make it a functioning bathroom, it seems like the hard part is done. Am I right in thinking that my first step is to put whatever flooring material down, then cut the black plastic toilet pipe and glue on one of the toilet flanges I see at building supply stores, then simply install the toilet?
By the way, there's also a smaller diameter drain coming out of the floor for a sink, and the two water supply lines are in the rafters/ceiling of this room with shutoff valves already set up.

The pool table is installed in the next room over, with full size beer fridge. Seems the right priority at this time is to get that bathroom done!

Thanks for any help or ideas you have on this.
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got a picture? first to make sure its working , run water into the sump and see if it turns on, I personally would open the sump and see what kind of pump is in there, and go from that point..
Photos added to post

I've taken a few photos to help understand the situation.
The pump is probably 30 feet from the future bathroom.
The black pipe for the toilet drain is more than 4" in diameter and less than 5". If you look closely, there's a larger plastic ring where the pipe goes into the concrete.
The pump is still made - I found the model online.
It's a Hydromatic Pentair, number 51925-020-7. Looks to be a pretty good one.


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ok, take a hammer and tap the top of the black pipe back and forth,and if its not glued into the fitting at the floor it should come out, then get a toilet flange for 4 inch pipe to fit down by the floor, you will have to tile the floor level with the bottom of the toilet flange..frame out the walls for proper rough out on the plumbing pipes...if it is glued and doesnt come out just cut the black pipe level with the top of the fitting sticking out of the ground..
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