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basement 9x9 tile

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I'm wanting to polish the basement slab(1961 ranch) but first must take care of this little problem. The adhesive underneath the tile is red and very sticky and seems to be coming up fairly easy(whole tiles) with a little time and some hot water. Any ideas on what type of adhesive was used here? I'm a little worried about VAT since they're 9x9 but am unsure about the adhesive since it's not black.



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I'm almost positive those are Kentile vat from the mid '60's to '70's. I say almost because you're not showing the edge clearly. But the ones on the floor appear to be 1/16" thick. Yes?

The 'red' is a bit confusing, but if it's not paint it may be the 'clear' brush-on adhesive that was becoming popular in those days. I have seen this adhesive turn red sometimes. It starts out white in the can, turns kinda clear when it's ready to set tiles and stays tacky for ever.

Removing the tiles should be easy enough by using an ice-chopper type tool, or you could rent a 'stripper'.

Removing the adhesive to be able to polish the floor will not be easy or even possible.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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