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Baseboard Electric Heat

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We live in a condo that was build in the early 80's and is heated with electric baseboard heaters each controlled by a thermostat and powered by 240 volts.

Online, I am finding ceramic baseboard heaters and hydronic heaters with self contained oil systems as well as the same type of heaters that I currently have.

What is the best replacement unit available in consideration of efficiency and comfort?
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In my opinion oil filled units are better made and work better. The cost is more than the nonfilled
All electric baseboard is 100% efficient.

The ceramic and oil filled will sometimes make people feel a bit more comfortable due to giving off heat longer after the stat stop calling. Of course they also take longer to give off heat when the stat first calls for heat too.
electric baseboard updates

So are the new Hydronics worth the money?
That comes own to an individual preference. Some people sear by them, others swear at them.

have you considered a heat pump to reduce your heating bill.
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electric baseboard updates

Our building was constructed in '84 so no provision was made for other than electric baseboards. We have an external heat pump unit that was added with a lot of effort to provide A/C and it will add some heating support up to a certain "degree". We have not used it this winter but maybe will try it next year. It's usefulness is limited to the temperatures we receive. This winter, we have seen minus 10 F. at times. The heat pump is good until about 20 F.

Thanks for the comments
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