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Hi All,

I have an island with a standard 24" deep cabinet. My old cooktop is an 30" electric range with a downdraft vent. I'm thinking to replace it with another 30" electric range, but without a downdraft vent. Instead, I'm thinking to install a telescopic/retractable downdraft system.

I notice that the regular 30" ranges without downdraft are as not as wide as my old cooktop range with downdraft.

My question is: would the standard 24" cabinet fit the telescopic downdraft system and the 30" cooktop range?

I know there are several dependencies to the set up (e.g. the range dimensions and the telescopic downdraft vent dimensions). I just want it to know if this option would fit a 24" cabinet since the options of 30" electric cooktop with downdraft is very limited (i.e. 2 options). :(

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