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bars in service panel

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i have a 200 amp murray service panel and inside on the right hand side near the top i see a bar with both neutral and ground wires connected to it,deeper in the panel and a little to the right i can see another bar that looks the same. what is that bar
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Is this the MAIN Service Panel? You can determine this by looking at where the Meter is. If there's a Disconnect Switch (a smaller box with a disconnect means) above or below the Meter, then the 200 amp panel you refer to is a Subpanel, and the Neutrals and Grounds would need to be separated. If there is no such box by the meter AND if the meter and the panel you refer to are back to back, then don't worry about it; the Neutrals and Grounds would be fine together.

We need a pic to determine is the extra bar is a ground bar, or part of the neutral bar. Can you upload one?
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