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Barndominium addition and Kitchen remodel

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Long story about the Barndominium home I built 3 years ago will be posted as soon as I can save the photos from a crashed computer.

The short version is I built a 1800sqft metal building, and inside that framed an approximately 1100sqft 3 bedroom 2 bath 'apartment'. This was intended at the time to be a 3-5 year temporary home until we built a custom home. Now, with kids in college and one about to go, we just need more living area and not a new house. So, an addition and kitchen remodel is being planned.

The metal building is 30x60, has 10ft walls, 4:12 pitch roof. Inside rooms are standard 8ft walls and ceilings. The addition is planned to add 36x20, or possibly 36x24. The new space will be living and dining area with 9ft ceilings. I intend to move what is now the outside wall 2 feet, expanding the kitchen 2 feet wider. Since we are enlarging the kitchen, some remodeling in the kitchen is in order; new cabinets, countertops, and possibly go from 8 to 9 foot ceilings.

What I would like is some opinions on the 'new' kitchen layout. It's almost a blank slate. I say almost because with enough money you can change and move anything, but we are trying to keep it realistic.

I know on forums there is always questions of what abilities and skills someone has before giving opinions, I understand well. I built 98% of my home. I roughed in the plumbing, I did not pour the slab. I built the metal building, welded the trusses, insulated, wired the electricity, framed the walls and ceilings, I did not sheetrock/tape & bed, or texture. I painted, layed tile, layed wood floor, installed the tubs and plumbing fixtures. I installed the A/C components and had a pro sweat the lines and charge.

With all that said, I would like to post a floor plan (as soon as this site will let me) and ask folks to comment and make suggestions on the layout of kitchen, dining, and living area.
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I forgot to say, we are in North Texas, not far east of DFW. We live in the county, so no permits or fees.

This is the current as built layout.

This is the proposed addition. The blue line is the current exterior wall. You can see the red lines showing the new 4th bed room and kitchen walls

This is what we currently have in mind for layout.

I will be glad to answer any questions I can, and would very much appreciate thoughts and comments on this.
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I would keep your kitchen sink where it is in the original plan. and then on your new plan if "up" in the plan is "north" then, move your bar to the north wall coming down. then move the pantry to the south east corner. then put your refrigerator at the end of the south wall west side framing a small return wall to hide the side of your refer.

if its at all feasible with what your trying to accomplish the optimal plan would be to get your laundry out of the kitchen and turn that space into your pantry. you could make the linen between bed 3 &4 a bit bigger at turn it into a laundry.
I would actually love to move the wash room away from the kitchen. However, that one wet wall behind the washer and between bathrooms makes it hard. The foundation is concrete slab on grade, so moving plumbing is difficult.

Still looking for ideas and options while we complete the financing issues.
I think moving your bar to the outside wall and your pantry to the corner nearest to your bathroom door. with the refer near the entrance to your kitchen would be beneficial.

they have some kind of triangle theory in kitchen design where the triangle represents your shortest path when cooking you would start out getting food from the refer then sink to prep food on to stove to cook and back to refer to store leftovers.

if you want to get more opinions try posting over in the carpentry or builiding section i have noticed they get a lot more responses in thoses sections.
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