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Guys, Ive been working on finishing off my basement with the help of several of you on here. I've come to the point of the cabinet install on my wet bar area. Cabinets are in, which ended up costing almost $6000. Not wanting to mess them up I reached out to a friends friend who installs cabinets and he quoted me a half day instal of $1200. After getting this quote I've decided to try to do the install myself. If I could reach out to you guys for some help I'd appreciate it. I feel somewhat comfortable with my diy skills and though am intimidated to do this I'll give it a try.


1). There are only two upper cabinets to install one on either side of a tv mounted in a bay window bumpout. Each upper has a faux panel on each side of the cabinet at a 45 degree angle to the wall. My thought process is to mount this upper cabinet first and then make a 45 degree cleat and screw this to the wall and one on the front of the cabinet to have the panel nail to each. Am I correct with this though? Do I need to miter the rear of the faux panel to fit tight to the front of the cabinet?

2). The cabinets came with skin panels for the outside of the cabinets. Are these usually installed first before hanging the uppers or hold off and hang after the upper is up then attach the cleat?

Im gonna have a ton of more questions but thought I'd start with hanging these two uppers first then continue.

Thanks in advance everyone


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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