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Banging Whirpool Washer during Agitation

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My whirlpool washer bangs during the wash and rinse cycle. It almost sounds like if you put a pair of tennis shoes in a dryer. Any ideas? It is completely still. Does not move or shake while it is doing it, but does it the entire cycle.
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Are you sure it's not hitting a door frame or similar? Mine bangs the edge of a door opening during the spin cycle. It doesn't "move" or "shift around" at the base/feet, but the top of the unit does move just enough to tap the wall.

Do you have different spin levels on yours? Try spin level medium or low and see if the bang sound changes in tone/pitch. If it doesn't change much then it's probs hitting a wall, if it does change then I'd guess that it's something misaligned inside the machine.
We just got through bypassing the lock lid to watch it. The "barrel" does not move or shake. It's something to do with the agitator. Maybe a bearing that has went out? We are googling as we speak, but no one reports a banging noise while in wash or rinse cycle.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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