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Bamboo floors, cracking sounds from staples, need fix!

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Wish I would have read some articles on using cleats over staples for exotic woods before I started installing my bamboo floors. I had a contractor start the job, about 200 of the 1400 sq ft. The kitchen needed to be done first for the cabinet install and so the contractor did it due to time constraints. He used staples and I had bought cleats for me. I asked him which I should use and he said staples for sure, so I went out and got them. Now, I'm suffering with creaking and cracking sounds that are driving me nuts!!!. You can just hear the tongue cracking with every step. My question is, what can I do now to fix this? There’s a handful of boards that are guaranteed to “crack” when you step on them. If I could fix about 7-10 of the key culprits, I’d be much happier. I have access below from an unfinished basement and want to do something before I finish it next year. Do I get a screw the perfect length and start putting screws in the right boards from below? Please help!
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