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bamboo flooring

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If you plan to refinish bamboo flooring or even resurface your bamboo flooring make sure your know whether the finish is water base or oil based. When we purchased our bamboo flooring from Lumber Liquidators we had a lengthy conversation with the sales person about the simple fact that I planned on adding an additional layer of poly because the finish from the mfg. appeared to be inadequate. At no time did the salesman indicate that if I did anything to the finish I should use a water based product and that I would also void my warranty. We found out the hard way and when the poly blistered. We thought it was the poly that was bad and Lowe's was great about trying to resolve our problem.:)
Then after some additional research I found out that the water based product was not compatable with the oil based product used over it. I spent over $400 trying to get my floor to accept the desired finish and still it looks horrible.
When I spoke to Lumber Liquidators I was told I needed to file a claim, so I did. Then I had to follow up even though their letter stated I would hear from then in 24 hours. Then they couldn't open my pictures. Then they couldn't receive my pictures so I had to send them individually. And then they told me 'Sorry, they couldn't help me. However, if I wanted to purchase additional flooring, they would offer me a discount.':furious:
Can you believe the gall? They hang me out to dry and then want to me purchase more flooring. I ask them if they were out of their minds. I will never purchase anything from LUMBER LIQUIDATORS again. If I were you, I'd think long and hard about dealing with a company that hangs their customers out to dry.
Lowe's on the other hand bent over backwards to try to help us out.:thumbup:
I still have to strip the floor and resand it again before I can finish 350 sq. feet of bamboo flooring.:mad:
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They have a less than stellar reputation.
And probably do not care. I suspect they do a staggering volume of high margin flooring. I have been tempted by the pricing but have never used it on a project. It is just not worth the potential high cost for small savings. And I don't want my clients subjected to the problems.

Sorry you had to learn the hard way.

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I'm in the process of trying to find out what kind of floor my wife will tell me I like!

I see there ads all the time, and was about to head to one of there stores soon.

I think I will reconsider my using them for my flooring.

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There have been a lot if complaints where most of the pieces of wood were around 5" long.

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I hate to disagree with you Patiosclotures but, you should never use any product that contains soap on wood floors. When you do you will never get all the soap off of the floor. With each use of soap you will leave a little behind. This will cause the finish to dull with the build-up. There are many products for cleaning wood floors. None of them will contain any
detergent (soap).

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i agree woodman. Soap contains silicone as do most floor waxes. Polyurethane does not react well with silicone. Polyurethane is a reactive finish which means it needs to be mechanically bonded. In other words, you need to scuff up the surface in order for it to bond to the previous layer. Was this done?
Im not sure why you found a need to apply an additional layer of finish to the flooring. Bamboo is a soft wood. A layer or 2 of finish will help but will not be significant. Im not surprised that the manufacturer wasnt helpful because you tried to modify their product and did so improperly
Lumber Liquidators is a only a distributer not a manufacturer. Im not sure why your beef is with them.

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sorry to hear..
i also looked at and considered their strand bamboo product.
when i was there i asked for a sample of the flooring. he did not have any but did open a new carton from a pallet he had out back and gave me a 3' board to take... 1st thing i noticed was how the finish seemed to be bubbled. i expressed my concern and he said it was very good and would not be an issue.. he also stated that it was just one board.. i was thinking well,,what the heck would the other boards look like..

i checked out the product reviews on their website and noticed others have indicated the bubbling and that the product scratches easily although they gave the flooring a good rating.
it does scratch more easily compared to other products i looked at from US Floors and WEllmade.

I was also informed that LL edits reviews prior to being added and limits any negative reviews from being added.. well i figured i would see about that and posted two less than satisfying reviews and neither of them made it on there...go figure..:icon_rolleyes:
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