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Bamboo Flooring - Bowing Before Installation

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We just purchased bamboo flooring for our house and are giving it a few days to acclimatize to the humidity and temperature within the house prior to installation later this week. We just unpacked it yesterday and today I've noticed that some of the pieces are starting to bow slightly.

Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Is this an indication that the humidity in the home is too high/low? I'm in Saskatchewan, Canada and this is a new house with an air exchanger. We haven't been running the furnace much lately.

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Hi Brandon,
I'm in SK as well -- and put in 800 square feet of bamboo around the same time you did. I had it in my house in October, but didn't get the last room installed until December. I noticed no warping in the wood throughout that whole time. And our humidity dipped -- I couldn't keep it above 30% for weeks on end. So far, so good -- no side effects. I live in a drafty Regina bungalow - your humidity was probably much higher.

That said, really cheap bamboo can be a pain. If the wood wasn't dried to a consistent humidity (less then 9%) it can release a bunch of humidity in a hurry and bow. Some people would say not to install bamboo in SK at all...

Time will tell!

Chris -- follow along as the "Handyman's Dream" rises from the ashes!
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