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Cursed with a short block wall I'm weighing up my options for making it more private. An option I have is to build a new inner bamboo fence, within my yard.

Two reasons I like this idea are the yard layout would accomodate it very well, and I already have most of the raw materials. I have 8ft tall 2" diameter bamboo poles, and loads of 6ft high reed privacy screening plus some other screening materials.

The crucial question I have is about the bamboo poles. I suspect they are strong enough to support a 6ft fence, because bamboo has one hell of a reputation for strength. But how far into the ground do they have to be set? 2ft down would be perfect, leaving 6ft above ground to support the fence. I imagine using some kind of concrete to "plant" them in.

So would 2ft below ground be enough? And would the bamboo weather well outdoors?

Any advice would be great
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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