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Ballast Question

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We have a light that the ballast has gone bad in that uses 2 CF26 bulbs. The Ballast is an ICF-2S26-H1-LD. I went to Home Depot and Lowes in search of one and they dont have an exact match but while I was there I picked up a RELB-2S40-N.

I wired it up the same and it works finw with no humming but is it safe to use a standard size ballast with the 40 watt output on the compact fluorescent 26 watt bulbs?

The size isn't an issue and will fit just fine.
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There should be a whole list of compatible bulbs that can be used on the replacement ballast.

Checking RELB-2S40-N does not include 26 watt bulbs.

While it may appear to work initially, such unauthorized use will probably result in premature ballast and/or bulb failure.

You can get the ICF-2s26 ballast at Amazon.
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