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i have a 2 switch toggle style for ceiling fan with light kit in the sunroom (it works fine)and another with a larger toggle style switch with a slideing dimmer attatched for another ceiling fan with light kit( sorry I dont know the names of the different styles? My problem is with the switch with the slideing dimmer....the light kit works fine but the fan hums and will turn at about 1 rev/15 sec......the wall switch also hums(can hear it 5 ft away)...should i try and replace the switch with a basic 2 station switch or is the fan shot..I dont have a voltmeter...replacement fan is $75 min...its been this way since i moved in and the kitchen gets darn hot in the summer....sorry for the way i explained my problem....hope someone can help thx

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I’d bet the dimmer isn’t rated for use with a fan. The lights yes, the fan no. (or the dimmer has gone bad)
You can test if the fan is still ok by removing the dimmer and wiring it direct or through a standard switch. Of course, shut the power off first before you open anything up.

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I am with SD515 with simauir situation if you have the connection at the fan junction box wrong that what useally kill the dimmer and the dimmer is not used for celing fan motour at all.

I will use standard switch first to rule it out to make sure everything is functing correct once you sort it out then get proper dimmer or fan speed control or combo unit { with combo unit please pay attetion to the connections very carefull.}

I don't know if you mention us or not did you have a remote kit as well ?? if that the case please do not use the dimmer or fan speed control with the remote kit. { they can interfernce the operation and may case the damage to the remote unit }

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