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The shingles that are on our manufactured home are curling and cracking. Wind blew some off and the contractor that did the repairs is the one that informed us that our shingles were going bad. I had thought they looked like they were curling last year. Anyway because of the warranty they company offered us 1300 dollars. Our house is about 2300 square feet so this price won't nearly cover the cost of new shingles...not to mention labor. Our house is only six years old.
My question, does anyone know if warranties typically cover labor cost or replacement prices of the new shingles?
I know nothing:huh:

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In my hand full of experiences with these issues the manufacturer has always given the full cost of materials, but only partial cost of labor and a few times nothing at all for labor.

You can contact an attorney and get into a drawn out class act suit,
but even than you won't get 100% of your money because of the attorney's
cost, etc.

Push the issue with them, they very well may give you more.

Good Luck.

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All of the packaging of the shingles I've ever bought/installed had specific statements that the manufacturer was only responsible for replacing the actual material (shingles) and excluded any labor under their warranty. IMO-It sounds as if the company is offering you the replacement value of the actual materials. You must have had kept your paperwork if you got them to go this far. Slyfox may be correct also, push the issue some more with an attorney and you may get more, but as he mentioned there will be attorney's fees. Good Luck, David

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Since the "Manufactured Home" is only 6 Years old, there should still be a substantial materials cost warranty available for your roofing materials.

You need to know which brand they are, the exact size of the roof and have it diagrammed and the amount of Intake and Exhaust Ventilation that was installed.

You firtly need to make a claim to the manufacturer and they will send out a warranty kit, with instructions on what they want you to do, which will include what I already stated, plus also, they will want at least 2 individual shingles from the affected portions of your roof to be sent in to them, with the postage pre-paid carton that they will provide to you.

Many warranties get denied due to not being installed per the manufacturers specifications, particularly in regards to having the attic spaces or rafter bays properly ventilated with a balanced supply of Intake and Exhaust Ventilation, which must be described and shown to them via photos.

Are there any other questions?

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