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Bad FlowGuard Gold pipe

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A piece of "Thompson FlowGuard Gold CPVC 4120 SDR 11 Potable Water" pipe developed a pinhole leak in an interior wall. When the sheetrock showed obvious signs of water damage I removed the sheetrock and exposed the leak. The licensed plumber I had in to repair the leak - he replaced the section with copper - said that the pipe is brittle like potato chips and crushed an end to show me how it shatters. The professional plumber version of the listserv has a posting by "ProTech" out of FL complaining about this "defective" pipe:
"Default Defective FlowGuard Gold cpvc pipe
I've been getting a lot of leak calls on clvc lately where the pipe splits down the center no where near a fitting. I decided to cross section the pipe and found extrusion defects on the inside wall of the pipe. The defects are little valleys that run the whole length of the pipe.

So why has this not resulted in law suits?

Pictures and video to follow."

Our house was built in 1997 by a large homebuilder Centex (now absorbed into another builder) in a mass tract building project (143 homes, Castle Chase subdivision in McDowell Mountain Ranch in Scottsdale, AZ. The plumber named 3 other nearby subdivisions by that builder that uses FlowGuard Gold plumbing pipe. The fact that this house was built as part of a mass-built tract would discount any claim by the manufacturer of FlowGuard that the pipe must have sat out in the sun and deteriorated. Would welcome getting in touch with others who have had problems with this pipe.
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Sorry, this site can't be part of any under taking of any law suit.

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