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Funny thing happened the other evening. I Have had six new cans in the kitchen ceiling for a few weeks now. The other night one of the lights blew out, (the one with the hot wire loop out to the dimmer switch). After that, the switch was always on no matter what the actual position.

All the wiring looked fine at the light and the switch. Replaced the dimmer and all works well. Could a bulb burning out cause a dimmer switch to go bad like that?

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... Could a bulb burning out cause a dimmer switch to go bad ....
Yup. Happens all the time. If the filament blew out with explosive force, the 2 leads that hold up the filament could have shorted out, which can in turn trip a breaker, and/or burn out a dimmer.

I've seen halogens do the same thing.

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I have see them when the bulb burn out and blow the dimmer out when the filment arc'ed out.

Some dimmer can withstand couple blowout on bulbs but direct short circuit will always fried them out.

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