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I recently moved into my 1975 house. I'm on well and septic with an anti-gravity pump. The septic field is about on an incline of about 20'.

I spent $3000 on a newer 3 tank w salt water treatment system. (See attached pict Rain Soft).

Shortly after I moved in, I realized the backwashing from the water treatment pipe backs up into my kitchen sink (which is about 15' away from the water treatment system). Then it overflows onto the floor (thank goodness my kitchen floor is brick). Yes, it appears either the anti-gravity pump can't handle the water OR the septic is overloaded OR both. And, no, all the other drains including the kitchen sink, empty at a regular rate. The only problem is when the water treatment empties.

I had gotten an estimate from a plumber to re-route the waste water pipe to the outside and directly into the ground. I do have a 2 acre lake directly behind my house (about 30') and fear the salt from the waste water will hurt my fresh water pond and also damage my plantings/garden.

My question is twofold: are there water treatment systems which don't use salt? AND, should I get a Master Plumber to dig a dry well to dump the waste water?

As usual, I am very grateful for your suggestions and years of experience.


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