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Hi, I'm currently renovating my Kitchen, i am currently now at the back splash stage. Please, if this is in the wrong section, mods feel free to move it to the proper location.

I currently have enough tiles to do the whole back wall, and i'm currently uncertain from then on. Do i follow the wall, coming back towards the center of kitchen. I would need those metal strips. But won't it look funny having tile edge on an outside corner. If anyone has a better idea please feel free to share.
I have attached a picture for reference. Basically, i have the oven in the corner. So I'm wondering what to do. The idea i have is draw-ed with the yellow line.


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Looks like a tight fit, are you 100% sure you can even get tile and thin set on that wall and still get the stove out?
May have to go with something like a piece of stainless steel. Not a safe place to have install a stove.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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