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This year 2000 kitchen had honey oak cabinets and 8" dark brown w/ beige spackle granite tile counters and the same tile run as a backsplash just in the area between the cook top and range hood, before we recolored the cabinets and installed solid counters. Obviously it's a flip-flop of dark and light with our choice of quartzite slab and cabinet restain colors. Appliances are currently black, but we plan to go stainless when budget allows. Tile and paint come soon and are TBD, but we need backsplash above the 4" quartzite ASAP, at least behind the cooktop. But we are considering the entire wall.

Easy wipe down cleaning, relative brightness and not too "busy" are envisioned. That eliminates the narrow multicolor mosaics that are currently popular, along with most small tile and grout-intensive layouts. After touring many model homes, we realize current trends in our area (Las Vegas) run contrary to that line of thinking. But resale value is a concern, so we are in a quandary. One thought is 4" square stainless steel tiles with a light brushed appearance (some we've noticed have a checkerboard effect when installed alternating on a 90 degree rotation). Perhaps a white subway tile would work as well. But we are really lost and need suggestions. While it would be nice to put the while job to rest, it's also an option to do a temporary install in the smaller area (not full wall) until we get our stainless appliances.

Thanks so much for any thoughts.


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You picked lovely countertops. I love the cream color.
I think you can't go wrong with a plain backsplash.
I would focus on letting the counters be the star.

My niece has the same color cabinets and the same counters
as you do. She keeps bringing home tile samples and can't find
the right tiles she likes, so she has just left it painted.

I have a small row of tiles over my stove that is 6" high and the rest
of the way up we put a mirror. It's bright and cheerful.
It's a thought for you, a mirror just over the stove area and the rest just painting it.
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