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backsplash install

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I'm using 1x4 poplar stained to match the cabinets for a backsplash on the counter top. My run is about 12 foot and my board is 10 foot when I make my splice with the 2 foot piece do I go with a standard 45 degree cut or use another angle? Would I be better off instead of using 10 and 2 to complete the run to use 8 and 4 or 6 and 6 pieced together?
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Buy a longer piece and make it up without a joint. How much can a 12' 1/4 Poplar cost?
A wood backsplash will be problematic with all the water. Where it comes into contact with the counter, you will have mold issues if it's not sealed properly.
Maybe even then behind the sink.
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