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Hi All!
I have a manual miter box that was possibly made by Langon (pre-Langdon Acme) or Millers Falls. I have seen nearly identical models in catalogs from 1864 & 1909.

But, I am having a tough time trying to find a backsaw for this unit. The really cool removable blade guides require the distance from the bottom of the stiffening rib to the tips of the teeth to be about 4-3/4". All of my backsaws are too short.

I've attached a couple of photos. In the first one (before repairs), it is the box in the front of the photo. In the "Exploded View" photos, the guides are the guides are the tubes at the top of the picture. They go in the uprights as seen in the first photo.

My problem searching for a saw is that I don't know the proper terms for saw sizing to use while I search.

Do any of you know a reference that shows how saws are sized or what 'size' I should ask for?

Thanks Very Much! Your help is greatly appreciated.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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