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Azek cut edges gather dirt

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I recently trimmed out a porch using Azek (and some Versatex) vinyl 1x trim boards. While the faces look great and clean up easy, any where I have a cut or routed edge, it tends to get dirty very fast and looks bad.

I've tried cleaning first with TSP, then at the recommendation of the Versatex rep. used acetone. The TSP cleaned it up but it looked dirty again after a month or so. The rep told me that acetone will help by closing up the pores, but so far that appears to be only a marginal improvement at best.

I'm sure part of the problem is the contrast between the bright white face contrasted with the dirty edges. But the entire purpose of using vinyl was to reduce maintenance, not add cleaning every couple of month or so.

Has anybody else had this problem? If so, has anybody found a fix?
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You would think the vinyl trim industry should be looking for some kind of answer since this is a known problem. :(

I will try sanding it smooth to see if that helps. That would make sense that if there is less for the dirt to grab onto, it should stay cleaner. Guess that is the same theory as using the acetone to close up the pores. Maybe sanding and acetone combined will help. The factory edges do seem to stay much cleaner.

Painting would solve the problem, but one of the primary reasons for using vinyl was to eliminate painting.

Thanks for the info and replying.
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