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Heat strips immediately turn on when thermostat is turned up only 2 degrees. This is an electric heat pump system - shouldn't the heat pump be able to handle the heat request for 2 degrees without having the auxilliary heat(expensive coils) turn on?

The indoor temperature was 60 degrees. The thermastat setpoint for heat was set to 55. An outdoor temperature sensor is also configured and the outdoor temperature was about 58 degrees. The thermostat is configured to block out auxilliary heat when the outdoor temperature is above 37 degrees.

13xf fan coil - electric - international comfort products - model: nfcx3600c1
heat pump - electric - international comfort products - model: TCH430AKA1
tstats - brand new carrier "Edge" non-programmable - TPNRH
outdoor temp sensor - TSTATXXSEN01-B

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Doesn't sound like its configured right, if the aux came on when it was 58 outside.
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