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Attracive Deck Lighting/Outlets How?

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Preparing to run lighting and outlets to an expansive and lovely deck under construction. I planned to use THWN/THNN in conduit attached to the bottom of the deck, but how can I make it look good, i.e. avoid exposed conduit above the deck surface? There will be receptacles as well as BOTH 12V LV lighting and a couple 110V lights on tall posts.

I have heard of using the posts as raceways for wiring, but can this be done to code, and how would you transition from conduit to the posts?

The deck is composite (trex) and the posts will either be trex (hollow center) OR specialty surface mount steel core posts with vinyl casing that go with vinyls rail system, OR 4x4 with vinyl casing. The type of post chosen will depend on the wiring options available.

Ideas? Must be code compliant.
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You can use framing to conceal wiring as long as it's 1 1/4' deep.
I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that. Can you explain further or give an example?
Thanks. It is hard for me to visualize using deck framing to protect wire, since it is not enclosed, like a wall for example. If I staple UF to a beam or joist for example it is only protected 1 1/4" on that side, so I'm not sure I understand how it can be used..

I don't see how to do what you are describing unless I sandwich wires between 2 x4's or something. I can run conduit from point to point under the deck, but I can't figure out how to properly get wires from conduit into rail posts or post sleeves and properly protect them
Great ideas! Thanks so much. I haven't started building the deck yet, I am in the planning stages and want to make sure I don't box myself into a corner. Right now I am thinking I'll use 4x4's with a 5x5 vinyl sleeve. This will give me room for conduit and I can add 3/4" blocking to fill the rest of the space inside the sleeve. I could cut a hole in the sleeve for a J box for the receptacle.
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