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attic vent questions

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I have an approx 1500sf hip roof on a single story ranch and I'm about to install an electric attic vent in place of the middle of 3 current passive vents which are only about 50si each and have a few questions.

First, what is the best way to block off the other 2 passive vents so the fan does not suck air from them? I'm not reroofing soon so external appearance will probably remain the same. I do have a partial bundle of shingles though if its not too hard to patch. (I'm adding plenty off soffit vents so I'll have adequate intake)

Second, what kind of roofing nail should I use? There seems to be so many types and I'm not sure which to get?

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Depending on whats on the back/underneath, I would plywood under (in the attic) and then fill the outside with the correct thickness of wood so it does not stick up.

Regarding the nails, make sure you dont use ones that are too long. I have made the mistake before and it makes it interesting when you bump your head when using the attic.
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