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Hello all,

I am sure this has been asked before, so please excuse me if this is redundant. Also excuse me for my description. I will try my best to describe it.

To start. I don't have trusses, just stringers.
The opening is 25 X 47. We can't run it parrallel to the stringer because we don't have the swing room for the steps.

So I was planning on running them perpendicular to the stringers. this itself is not a big deal. My issue is, the stringers are 16 on center, but I will need to cut thru 3 stringers total. ( I should say there is already a square hole there. We use a ladder right now)

Ok, my concern is the 47" is just on the other side of the 3rd stringer, hence cutting 3 stringers. I have seen several drawings on the internet and the directions, but non of them take into effect my setup.

in order to make the box the correct size to fit the ladder, I will need to cut and add another stringer about 1 1/2" over. If that makes sense. I would need to run about 62" double headers, but i'll have to add that cross piece in order to complete the box, this is that 3rd stringer, so I can fasten the steps.

I have seen on the web where I need to double up on the next in tact stringers on both sides.

can i still do it this way? can I double up on that cut stringer and the next one?

Sorry if this doesn't make sense. I can send pics if needed. Thanks in advance for your answers.

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It would make a lot more sense if you began calling those "stringers" by their construction terms.... joists. Just a small matter of clarification. :yes: Or... you COULD call them 'rafters'. (Strange as it sounds, the terms are interchangable in the industry.) But 'stringers' are the angled stair parts the treads sit on.

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Picture would help us determine if there is any load (other than ceiling) on the ceiling joists. Tell us if the ceiling material is drywall (2.2# per sq. ft. or plaster/lath 8#) and how close the walls supporting the joists are to the proposed attic stair hole. You would normally double the trimmers and header/tail joists and use hangers or framing anchors;

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