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Attic Framing Question

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See pics. Trusses have what looks like 1x4s or 1x6s running between them, about halfway up the member. These run on both sides of the truss. The trusses also have pieces of what look like cut down OSB between them, on the left side of the attic (some of these are broken). I'm thinking the OSB bits were put in as they installed the trusses just to keep them all in place temporarily. What is the purpose of the 1x?


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The 1x4 is part of the engineering and should not be removed .

The OSB was temp used to hold the trusses on layout when they stood the trusses before they put the 1x4 on.
Hi Neal, I've never seen the 1x4 on the truss engineering drawings. Again, limited experience but the ones I have stood up I used either approach, single pieces or had some longer boards marked at 24" oc. I have seen diagonal braces recommended but horizontal adds no strength.

For wind and snow loading they call for T bracing on some members in the truss. so an extra 2x4 is nailed to the member in a T or L configuration.
When you have a few or a bunch the same you can do an L shape on the first and last and join them all with a 1x4 or 2x4. If they are all the same you would go from gable to gable. We often put close to 500 ft of 2x4 in a roof system after all the stuff you mentioned.
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We get houses with some time 20 or 30 different shaped trusses, each shape comes with an engineer stamped drawing with a copy to the city and a copy to the on site engineer. If someone really wanted to know it could be found.
the short ones were put there to hold the trusses at 24" on center during assembly.
The broken ones are because the plywood above didn't fit and the guy reached down from above and knocked them off or just break them. Not important.
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