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Attic Floor

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We just put insulation down in the attic and wanted to put a floor down so that when we do go up, even if only 5x's a year, it would be easier to move around and store stuff. Can we put plywood over the insulation? I would not make sure I don't enclose the lights


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Yes, you can do as you suggest. The key is to make sure the attic is insulated to the proper R factor (I believe it has been increased to R-50) ... check with your local building inspector. This might creat a problem because R 50 is a lot of insulation. The attic floor should be above the insulation for the insulation to do it's work. Also, ensure the venting is adequate, both at the soffit level and your roof vents. An inproper balance can create issues.
I've thought about that too and you have even more headroom.

One problem besides the effects of attic heat and cold (and occasional condensation) on your stored items even in boxes...insulation dust. My experience with the yellow batting is that it throws a lot of micro fibers, not sure if that's always true.

I dropped the idea here.
Would you be attaching the plywood to framing or just laying it on top of the insulation. It looks like the insulation is above the framing. If this is true every time a person or an item being stored was on top of the plywood it would be smashing the insulation and there for making it much less effective.
Thanks guys. Starting to think it might not be such a great idea even if not attaching to the framing
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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