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Attic Floor

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I have a walk up attic that i would eventually like to make into a living space . I'm not able to do so now but am hoping that it can be done sometime in the near future. As of now the flooring up there is old, floor boards are missing and it needs to be done over so I can use it for storage. My question to anyone willing to help is, What type of wood and size should be put down( I'm guessing plywood) that can be used now for storage but later to be the subfloor for my finished attic. Also should I insulate under the floor boards or on the ceiling of the attic or both places? since it will eventually be a living space. Also any types or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Use the attic for either: your thermal barrier; or living space. There is no in-between (as storage). Plywood floor would compromise the insulation depth/continuity, resulting in loss of R-value= more heat transfer. Living space would not need floor insulation. Plywood on floor-rated joists, code approved. What size/span are they? End use of future room- bedroom?

Are you sure the floor joist are even designed to hold the weight, even for just storage.
How is the attic accessed?
How is it vented?
Is there a window up there for egress?
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