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Hey fellow Bar builders, just wanted to start a thread where everyone can post pictures of their finished work, unfinished work, and give helpful hints and maybe unique ideas for others like myself planning on building their home bar soon. thanks let the posts begin !

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Make sure you think through how you are going to chill things. For example will you use the bar on weekends or special occasions or continuously and needing 24/7 frig freezer. Where are you going to make or store nice ice in any event.

If kegs of draft beer or something are in your future, make sure to allow enough room to move them in and out of the way.

You need some locks on doors if there is any danger someone, say a teen other than yours, might possibly gain access. You are liable for serving them underage whether present or not. Of course any teen wanting at the Jack Daniel's will not be stopped by the locks but you can argue you tried.

Think through cabinetry choices and other options for storing your barware and glassware.

Think about cabinet or shelving to hold tall bottles of stuff.

If the budget allows, look into a single drawer dishwasher for washing the barware and glassware and build it into your cabinetry scheme.

A single drawer frig for fruit and so forth is nice too. I little one for sodas and cans of beer is a good idea two.

Get a nice wine cooler if wine is part of your bar scheme.

Is your bar to be prep and serve thing or do you need to provide people to sit at it?

Think about how you will handle water supply and drainage.

Think about lighting the bar.

Buy lots of plastic monkeys and paper umbrellas for girl drinks.
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