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Attachment for wet-dry shop vac for cleaning pool?

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We have a 'splash' pool (about 6ft dia). Unfortunately, the drain for the pool is on the side, and not the bottom, so it is impossible to get all the water out through the drain.
I am able to get more water out by starting a siphon, but that still leaves puddles of water in the pool.

Using a wet-dry shop vac with the standard floor wand is tricky. Unless the wand is turned slightly on its side to allow some air to get into it, the pool liner will get sucked up. I am afraid that this could eventually tear the liner.

What I am looking for is a wand with a flat bottom, but with spacers to keep it from actually touching the liner.
A long time ago, I had a pump with something called a 'puddle gulper', which attached to a garden hose (that pump had standard hose fittings). It was flat, with small holes to prevent anything large getting into the pump. It also had spacers to keep the flat bottom slightly above the floor.

Is there any such animal for a shop vac?
I have two shop vacs; one large and one small, two different sizes of hose. I'm not too concerned about the diameter of the attachment's fitting, as I could build an adapter from plumbing fittings.

Thanks for your help
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High ultra and you are correct, a quick search turned up nothing, time to invent.

I'm thinking that some rope wrapped around one of the attachments would lift the attachment off of the bottom but still allow the suction to slurp up those last drops without sucking up the bottom. Might have to play with rope diameter.

How tall a spacer? Would adhesive felt discs, like go on the bottom of chair legs, do it?
Not sure about the felt discs but the rope idea is to leave small gaps between the wraps so the bottom of the pool cannot be sucked up tight and seal off the air flow. Never done it but would guess 1/4 inch rope. Might require some trial and error to get it right.

Thanks guys;
Maybe I'll try the rope idea. I don't think felt disks would work, as the adhesive would release once they get wet. Also, there isn't much surface area on which to mount anything like disks.
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