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attaching table saw sled runners

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having trouble attaching runners to table saw sled, bought rocker alumunum
runners but attaching still them to both miter slots , tuff to see bars thru wood,
any ideas would help as to best way to attach, getting frustrated
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Chandler 48 pretty much covered it but I will add a few more suggestions.

Square the back of the sled to the table saw.

Use a framing square to draw a 90 degree line to the back of the sled.

You can drill the holes one at a time. Drill the first hole in the back then adjust the sled slightly to get the line to add up to the other holes.

Another technique is to put pennies under the miter bar to raise it above the saw's surface, put drops of super glue on the bars, place the sled on top squared against the back of the table and let it set then come back and add screws.

There are a ton of videos on making cool sleds with good techniques. THis is the one I used as the base of my sled.
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Here is the video of this sled. Mine is actually even more sophisticated than this one as I watched about 4 other makers version of the sled and added features from theirs as well. While you may not want to geek out on making the most complex sled you can, watching the videos may give you an idea on how to make the best sled for your needs.

The 5 cut method on how to get your fence square makes it easy to get your sled super precise.

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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