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Attaching a carport to vinyl siding - flashing?

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I am looking into covering a concrete pad to make a carport on the side of my house. The carport will be relatively easy, however I'm not sure of the best way to attach it to the side of my house. It will be attaching to the side of my 2 story house that has board and batten vinyl siding. Is there a way to flash to vinyl siding, or would I have to remove the siding, put the flashing up then "J" channel around it? Most of my concrete slab is already poured (25x25), and it is poured all the way to my foundation (just 2 blocks high). So I have also thought about building my carport so is off of my house by maybe 6" to 1', which would allow the over hangs to overlap and may not look stupid with my slab extending just a little beyond my roof and just making a short 4' wide connector, to attached the carport to the house. I have attached a quick sketch, please give me some ideas.

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If I use step flashing would I have to remove my existing siding and put it under, then reinstall the siding,/QUOTE]

That is the only correct way to do it.
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I would be better off building the carport detached and only attaching a small connector from the house to the carport.
Only if you don't mind it raining between the house and the carport.

Do I need to cut the house wrap and put the flashing on the inside of that as well.
You are correct.

Just remove all of the siding that's in the way of the carport, build it, roof it, then re-install the siding (you'll need some more J-channel). You'll have to carefully cut the corner post in place. be sure to install a kick out flashing when you begin the step flashing to divert water away from the house.

One other thing…In your first picture you show the ridge terminating into the corner of that window. That’s always a bad detail, avoid it if you can.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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