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Attached Pergola

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I am contemplating building an elevated freestanding deck with a pergola attached to the house. I have a couple of questions.

First, are there any issues with the desk being freestanding and the pergola being attached?

Second, any suggestions on how to attach the pergola rafters to the ledger without using joist hangers? They're not all together attractive and they'd be VERY visible on the pergola. What do you guys do?

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How you build this would be locally Building Code dictated. You should speak to the Building Dept in your area as they would guide you through alternatives to the joist hangers if there are any.

Thanks for your input. I am actually working with an architect (this is a small part of a much larger project), and the everything will be permitted. I was just soliciting input on what others have done to avoid visible joist hangers.

That said, anyone have any thoughts? How do you build a pergola without visible joist hangers?
What others have done, does not address what your region allows. The architect should be able to give you all the options allowable for your locale.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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