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Attach handrail to vinyl siding w/o crushing siding

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I need to attach a small 3' handrail to vinyl siding. There are two square 4" metal brackets for attaching the railing to the house. The railing is simply a long aluminum tube.

I plan to attach the brackets to studs under the siding, but how do I attach it without crushing the siding? I can imagine several possible ways to do it but have been unable to find a recommended way.

Thank you in advance.
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You will need to separate the interlock on the siding and place a piece of wood behind the siding and then re-do the interlock. Possibly 1/2 inch plywood will work. Even better would be a piece of bevel siding. The piece only needs to be a bit bigger than the mounting plate.
There are tools available to help with breaking the interlock and re-connecting the pieces.
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