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Asbestos Sealer

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I have a basement floor that the 9x9 tiles had already been removed and carpeted before, and the mastic used was most probably had asbestos, there are a lot of materials out there for sealing it or encapsulating it, among them I found a couple that sound good: Foster Chil-Abate and Fiberlock Technologies,
has any one used these or anything else that would do a good job?
thanks for you help
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The old mastic may or may not be asbestos containing. There's no way to know unless you have it tested. I've seen both under old 9x9 tiles. Color is not a give away either. In any event, it is not a friable material unless you dry scrape it to create airborne dust. I've used Fiberlock products. What do you plan to put down in place of the tiles that were removed? Any mastic you put down to adhere a new floor will essentially encapsulate the old mastic.
Thanks for the info Maintenance 6-I was planning to put a cote of some kind of encapsulating paint and then put back new carpet over it, I"m looking into buying LAG KOTE II, what do yo uthing?
It's a good product. For your application it should work fine. Personally, I think a good latex floor enamel would do just as well and you can pick it up cheaper and easier.
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