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Are under cabinet LED lights plug in or direct wire?

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My wife was looking on HD website at LED lights for under cabinets lights for our penisula. She said they only have plug in. Should I be looking at plug in or direct wired? Today I put in an outlet and a switch adjacent to it, in the wall, under where the cabinet is going, making one of the outlets switchable in anticipation to a plug in or ????? figuring I could keep it on all three time, or use the feature of the switch.
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Some models can be hardwired or plugged in, some can be hardwired only, and some can be plug in only.

Best way to check would be through the manufacturers website (or home depot) as the instructions should be available online.

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3 choices:
1)Plug in
2)Direct wire line voltage (120V)
3)Direct wire extra low voltage - means a transformer/driver has to be
mounted/hidden somewhere
My preference is choice 2. YMMV
Direct wire often requires opening a wall though.

Are you allowed to hook up undercabinet lights to a SABC, anyway?
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