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Are these squirrel tracks on snowy roof?

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We haven't heard anything scratching overhead but have had mice in the basement this fall. I doubt field mice would leave these loopy tracks though, its been pretty cold here in Quebec.

This is our 1st winter in the house but not the 1st snowfall - we've never seen tracks like these before. What's worrisome is that there seems to be a pattern leading to *hopefully not* entry points...?


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could be..I have a good recipe for them..mmmmm that tree close by they could be jumping back and forth..
It's just a guess but it looks like bird tracks to me. I had similar tracks in my front lawn this morning and had to look close at them to be sure.
A Raven has been there looking for ice worms.:biggrin2:
Those are either squirrel tracks or you have an extremely light-footed bear in your neighborhood !
Pretty positive it's just squirrels.

It's very routine to have them on roofs on my neighborhood (roofs all similar to yours) during any season of the year. They seem to simply like to occasionally go uop there as a vantage point.

But make sure that's all they are doing up there -- check to ensure they aren't crawling into the walls/roof via some gap or hole somewhere. They're like mice - they can fit through some freaky small holes & gaps, so look close ;)

Cheers, Chris
I would go with the birds. crows, ravens, whatever. Squirrels tend to go in straight lines.
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