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Are there major differences between OSB brands?

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I have a choice of several brands for what I need, GP, Weyerhauser, LP, and something branded as Roy o'Martin. Any one of these better than others or are they all basically the same. I tried googling and got nothing except for some complains about Norbord brand and a page that claims all brands except one (doesn't say which) leak air right through the OSB.

I'm just curios if anyone knows whether some companies use better glues/processes in making theirs than others or if one brand is known to be better.
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Underlayment is structural. I am guessing but air leaking sheathing would mean actual voids and I would consider that defective. You may mean vapor barrier and no sheathing is a vapor barrier except green ones that has plastic coat on it.
I would be interested on air passing sheathing if it was engineered as such for lighter weight, but historically anything made to reduce weight has not been great as structural material. Also not cheap.
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