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Are Sharkbite fittings reusable?

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I have a Sharkbite shutoff valve fitting that I previously attempted to use but it ended up leaking a bit because the end of the copper pipe was slightly bent in after I applied too much pressure too quickly with my pipe cutting tool. I did not have the disconnect tool at the time so I removed the valve by cutting the pipes on either side and I installed a new sharkbite valve and this time made sure each end of the pipe was perfect (the manufacturer is not kidding when they say the pipe has to be properly square for the fitting to work!!).

I put this 'used' valve in the garage for a later day as I understood that these could be reused. That later day has come and I need to install this in an interior location that will be permanent and hidden behind an access panel. I thought I better verify that I can 'reuse' these things so I checked this morning and this is what the manufacturer website states:

Q: Is a SharkBite fitting re-usable?

A: Yes, fittings can be reused for testing purposes, but any fitting used repeatedly for testing must not then be used in a permanent installation.

Ok, so what exactly does this mean? Can be reused for "testing" purposes only? :confused1: Am I better off being safe and just buying a new one?
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So it sounds like you are saying if the pipes were clean at the time of entry into the fitting, then it should be clean inside the fitting and good to reuse, right? I am still not clear on why the manufacturer calls it "testing". What is being "tested"?
Ah, I see what you are saying now. Thanks for clarifying.

Yes, the fitting should be clean as it was installed on clean pipes (no tape or other matter) so I will go ahead and use it again for what I need. Thanks for the comments. :smile:
That is a valid opinion too and something I have thought about considering I can get a new one for $10 or less. I suppose I could keep the other as an emergency backup. Thanks for the feedback on this.
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