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Aquastat Relay replacement

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Is this a DIYer? Just had a new gas valve put and guess what now the aquastat stops working?!:furious:

The guy wants to charge another $120 to come back out & the part is $180.

I would like to put this in myself if possible? Thoughts?

Thanks in advanced!

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If you feel comfortable then yes this is a pretty easy job. MAKE SURE YOU DISCONNECT POWER.

Also, in the new Aquastat there should be some paste to put on the heat sensing bulb.

If in you need to take some close up pics so if you get confused you have a reference.
Not saying there there are not some that are into water but all the ones that I have been around are into a dry well/orfice. Just had to put some paste one the temp sensing tip.

Good point to make Yuri.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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