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I had a brand new Lennox HVAC system installed the other day. I got the SL280 furnace and a/c. The dealer also asked if I wanted an Aprilaire 800. I have dryness issues so I agreed. During install they told me the humidifier won't work with the iComfort system because the iComfort system uses a 24vac line and the Aprilaire 800 is a dry switch (or something like that). I called Aprilaire and they told me that it should work using an isolation relay which would allow the S30 iComfort system to control the humidifier output independent of the heat being put on.

I know this is a DIY chatroom, but I'm a little desperate. The Lennox dealer is wanting me to ditch the steam humidifier and put in a bypass. I've already run the 240v electrical for the steam system though and I worry that the bypass won't produce enough output.

Has anyone put the Aprilaire 800 in the lennox iComfort system before?

Best regards,
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