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I recently purchased an Aprilaire 700 Humidifier with the Model 60 control. The model 60 is designed to work in conjunction with existing thermostats with no issue. Everything works great and I followed everything in the installation manual. The question I have is if the heat hasn’t ran in one hour the model 60 control with fan activation “on” will run the humidifier for 3 minutes to check humidity level. This process will see if more humidity is needed. Many times (mostly during colder weather) the thermostat will call for heat while model 60 is still using furnace fan. The furnace will shut off for a second and you will hear a click nose then furnace will turn back on then heat will engage (not sure if short cycling?). Is this normal for furnace to flash off and back on? I have included link of the process of what my furnace does. You can see / hear the humidifier is on and then a call for heat is performed by thermostat.

Any help would be appreciated!

Here is link to the video:

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